Get a Step Ahead with The College Network

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Get a Step Ahead with The College Network!

Leaving college is a confusing time for a lot of people. After the celebration of graduation is over, a lot of young adults find themselves thrust into a perpetual limbo. For a lot of generations, leaving college was a time of transition from school to work. Kids would graduate, find a job and think back to their college days with fondness. Unfortunately, for a lot of college students the reality of finding a job directly after graduation is slim, even in high demand career fields like nursing.

In order to get ahead after graduation, you need a team of support who can help you strive ahead of the competition. That is what The College Network is. The College Network resource center is a college social network that puts you in touch with other aspiring nursing professionals while supplying you with valuable information that you need to get your career off on the right foot.

Tough Times Call for a Strong Network

The College Network, or TCN is more necessary now than it ever has been. The past five years have been tough times for recent college graduates. College students used to be a thrill for employers. Without much experience but plenty of energy and a world of knowledge waiting to be applied, recent college graduates were cheaper than veteran employees, so businesses and hospitals could expand their team at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire more experienced professionals.

Now, even the experienced workers are looking for employment, and their demands have fallen. Employers don’t need fresh college graduates anymore in order to save money. Plenty of nursing students find themselves waiting for interviews in a room full of adults who have been nursing for years. People who need the position to feed their family, not just get started with their career.

Hearing over and over that the economy is going to be better soon isn’t reassuring for the graduates who are forced to move back home with their parents and put their career on hold. That is why TCN is so important. Have a look at college network reviews and you will see happy graduates who were able to beat the odds and get ahead, even as times remain tough.

It Pays to Be Social

Statistics say that you are more likely to get a position through a friend or family member than you are to find one through an electronic application. Faxing in resumes and emailing potential employers is so impersonal, a lot of applicants start to wonder if anyone is even seeing their information on the other side.

Social networking is really popular right now, but how you are using your social network is a big deal. Instead of just posting pictures or hearing about where your friends are eating dinner. Use your college social network to your advantage. Team up with other college students and recent graduates that are in your field by getting involved with TCN.

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