What is the College Network?

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What is The College Network?

The College Network is an eLearning provider that enables working adults the opportunity to pursue their educational degrees and professional certificates by completing online educational programs. The company has achieved long term success as an innovative link between students and the educational providers. The Network partners with several colleges and universities to provide students with comprehensive learning modules. By interacting with the online learning modules, students can experience the same educational journeys as college students who attend live college lectures. In addition to completing online courses, students can interact with each other as an online college social network.

The company is continuing to add additional partners to their network. In addition to partnering with colleges and universities, the Network also has acquired relationships with nationally recognized organizations. They work with the National League for Nursing (NLN); the NLN provides examination materials for aspiring registered nurses. They have also recently joined The American Council on Education Alliance Program (ACE) and the Licensed Practical Nurse Association. They also partner with employers who utilize the Network to help their employees advance their qualifications and expertise.

Students can pursue a variety of degree programs and certification programs in nursing, healthcare, business, project management and paralegal studies. The students gain substantive knowledge in all areas of their academic studies while relaxing in the comfort of their homes. The Network reviews include a number of success stories about people who have utilized the Network’s resources to attain their educational accomplishments. Many of the students come from various walks of life, and the students, in general have various personal obligations, including work commitments and family life. Sometimes it can be very difficult to balance school, work and family life at a traditional college or university. In essence, students can have relief in their ability to pursue their educational goals without limiting their work and family life obligations.

The College Network Resource Center, which is often referred to as the TCN Website provides interactive learning modules, whereby students can study educational materials related to their programs and take practice exams. Many students consider the TCN site to be very helpful while undergoing their educational studies, and according to the reviews, many students were able to pass all of their required courses by simply utilizing the resources provided by the TCN Website. Students can also communicate with representatives from the academic support team while interacting with the programs on the website.

Students can gain access into the interactive tools on the College Network Resource Center website by creating a username and password and logging in the TCN using their personalized username and password. Each time a student logs out of the site after browsing the learning modules, she can return to the last place she reviewed during her next log in session. There is also a personal interactive calendar available to all students, which allows them to note important dates and create an online study schedule. As an online college social network, the TCN Website allows students to communicate with each other using the Academic Support Discussion Board. This forum allows students to ask and answer questions and create online study groups.

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