Where To Get ACLS Certification

Where to Get ACLS CertificationAdvanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification, or ACLS, provides training to professionals in the healthcare industry. The course study covers medication, IV techniques, defibrillators and other advanced forms of life support. Training includes developing skill sets through practical application and concludes with a certification exam. Classes are available both in classrooms and online. Learning where to get ACLS certification in your area will take some research.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association regulates the ACLS certification course, so this is the most logical place to find a location for the certification. The agencies and educational facilities that offer this course vary from city to city. The AHA offers a search engine that helps locate classroom settings by city, state or zip code.

The American Heart Association also offers the course online. The online study is done in an elearning format. The class teaches cognitive lessons in part 1. The second section covers hands on practice and the third is the test. After passing the exam, students print out their certification and get CE credits.

Fire Department

Many local fire departments will offer ACLS training at one of the fire stations. This helps keep paramedics up-to-date on their certifications, but the classes are available to other healthcare professionals, as well. Contacting the nonemergency fire department office or going online to the official website will tell you whether the EMS system offers this particular training, explain the application process and list the cost of the certification course.


Hospitals often take the brunt of certification responsibilities for the local medical community. As with the fire department, offering ACLS certification allows the hospital to keep current staff properly licensed. Most hospitals have websites available that provide details of classes offered at the facility. They may only have classroom training during certain times of the year. Some hospitals may also provide online education for ACLS, as well.

Community College

Community or technical colleges that provide paramedic, CPR certification or EMT training usually have ACLS courses, as well. Training may be in-house or online. Some schools offer online courses and then allow you to take the exam at the school to get immediate hardcopy documentation.

Online Healthcare Certification Schools

When stuck wondering where to get ACLS certification, the Internet can help. There are online schools available that focus on advanced certification courses such as ACLS or PALS. They specialize in fast training, so are ideal for someone who cannot wait for a classroom for certification or recertifcation. The online centers use course material provided by the American Heart Association, but set their own tuition costs for the class. After passing the exam, certification cards are available in PDF format. The school will also provide a hardcopy of the certification via snail mail.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support is a requirement for many nursing, healthcare and EMS jobs. It also counts towards CE credit. Most cities have two or three options for classroom settings to get certification. Rural areas can rely on the online courses from the AHA or another source.

You can find more information about ACLS Certification here – https://advancedmedicalcertification.com/what-is-acls-certification

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